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Monday, September 07, 2020

ACF gets 9.27/10 from CRISIL for Due Diligence

 In order to assess the overall performance of the organisation, and get a rating on it, ACF commissioned an external 'due diligence' conducted by CRISIL Ltd. 

A team of 2-3 members from CRISIL visited Kodinar and Chandrapur locations and looked at the programs implemented there. Data was collected for 3 major components - Legal & Compliance, Social and Financial. Since this exercise was done in the month of January 2020, the financials data was considered for previous year (2018-19) and other data was considered for the current year. 

ACF got an overall score of 9.27 on a scale of 10 whereas on Legal and Compliance from the score is as high as 9.82. 


Indexed score (out of 10)

Legal & Compliance






Overall Score


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