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Thursday, January 04, 2018

Non-Communicable Diseases – A Multi-Stakeholder Consultation

A major public health concern of today is the growing levels of non-communicable diseases (NCD). It is now also known that NCDs are not restricted to the affluent and urban sections of the society; their prevalence has increased among the poor and the rural population is also affected almost equally.

Mitigating the challenge of rising levels of NCD needs a concerted effort at multiple levels. With the aim to combat the challenges of NCDs in rural areas,  in 2015 ACF launched community health interventions four locations – Bhatapara (Chhatisgarh), Chandrapur (Maharashtra), Darlaghat (Himachal Pradesh) and Roorkee (Uttarakhand), covering 101 villages.

Taking a step further in its NCD prevention and care projects, ACF organised a Multi-Stakeholder Consultation on Non-Communicable Diseases on 24th November 2017 in New Delhi. The event focused on building a synergetic response to NCD with the active involvement of varied stakeholders including the government, non-profits, corporates and many others. The day-long event comprised of dissemination of evidence on NCDs, the sharing of select community-based NCD prevention programs and a panel discussion with varied stakeholders on the role of each stakeholder in NCD prevention and treatment.

The key speakers at the event were – Mr. Keshav Desiraju (Ex-Health Secretary and Current Chairman, PFI), Dr. Nerges Mistry (FRCH) and Dr. Damodar Bachani (Ex-deputy Commissioner, MoHFW, GoI). The event witnessed about 70 participants.

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