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Sunday, October 08, 2017

Humans of Ambuja - Veerpal Kaur

"My mother married me off just before I was to appear for my tenth grade exams.  And marriage was more of a shock than a joyful experience for me!
Soon after my marriage I realised that my husband was not earning – not that he didn’t have any options, but he was too lazy to work. There was a time when I got up in the morning worrying about how I will feed my children.

I still remember how apprehensive I was during the first meeting with ACF for Self Help Group formation. ‘What if I couldn’t contribute to the monthly savings?’ Had it not been for the support of ACF, I would have never been able to take that leap of faith.
I am so glad it all happened - I never knew that regular savings, however small, could work miracles.
I took charge of my situation and with SHG support I started my own grocery shop. Within 6 years I even built a new house!  And even better, I appeared for my tenth grade exams and cleared it successfully. Now what?  I am saving money for my daughters – not for their marriage but for their studies."

Veerpal Kaur, Bathinda (Punjab)

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