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Monday, February 13, 2017

Farmers Prosper in Thach, Darlaghat

Farmers in Thach Village have seen an increase in annual income of between Rs. 20,000-50,000,  thanks to the construction of a 52500 litre capacity water storage tank for collection of natural water, along with irrigation channels - benefiting 12 households and 1.5 hac of land.
The tank is just one initiative implemented by communities in collaboration with Ambuja Cement Foundation under the NABARD funded watershed project in Daseran Panchayat through Jalagam Vikas Samiti Daseran. The total area of project is 925 ha. covering 18 villages and with a project outlay of Rs.1.41Cr.
With more ready access to irrigation water, farmers saw a 20-25% increase in production and were motivated to increase crop production and crop intensity - opting for more vegetable crops, cash crop cultivation and increasing crop rotation to 2-3 crops per year, as opposed to 1-2 crops earlier.
One progressive farmer Smt. Rita Devi, sold her potato crop worth Rs. 45,000/-. and some farmers have started cultivating fodder crops also, which has increased income via additional milk production. Presently, about 2800 litres of milk is supplied to Kam Dhenu Milk Society per month.

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